Email Extraction service from any Facebook Group or Page​

We extract emails from FB groups and pages relevant to your business or niche. These are very targeted prospects for your products or services.

1k – 25k emails : $15 per 1k
25k – 50k emails : $12 per 1k
50k – 100k emails : $10 per 1k
100k + emails : $8 per 1k

What to expect and how to avail the service:
You’ll have to give me a list of Facebook groups or page links/ids or keywords related to your niche. Please note: Extraction from closed groups is possible only after joining the group.

The lists would include

Full name



Email ID

and a separate list of some phone numbers.​

The bot extracts emails and numbers only from those profiles who’ve kept their details public. To put a percentage, you’ll get emails of about 3 to 5% of the group members.​
In the case of pages, it crawls through all the posts of a page and extracts emails from the engagement (likes/reactions/comments/shares). ​

Geo-targeting is not possible apart from filtering the locations out from the extracted list. As the prices are already low, I don’t offer this service. Try to target groups that are likely to have an audience from your preferred locations.​


Q: Are these facebook mails or real email ids?
A: These are real email ids like gmail/yahoo etc.
Q: How are these email lists going to help me?
A: The emails are extracted from active Facebook groups and page engagements. It ensures that you’re getting leads of people who’re highly interested in that niche.
Q: What can I do with this list?
A: You can create a custom audience on FB if you know how to do it as FB is strict about it these days or you could send cold emails to land new clients. Tip : I personally use Amazon SES plus sendy.
Q: What is the bounce rate?
A: I’ve had a bounce rate between 3-7%.
Q: Will you resell my list?
A: No, every list you order is exclusive based on your request.
Q: Is it legal to send cold mails?
A: Yes, as long as you’re giving an opt out/unsubscribe option in your email.

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Turnaround time:
TAT depends on the size of your list. Extracting emails from a group is fast but it’s painfully slow for a page. So depending on your order it could be anywhere between 5 to 14 days.